CATS update

The Crohn's Allogeneic Transplant Study (CATS) has enrolled two patients with severe, refractory Crohn's Disease. However, the study is currently closed to screening and transplantation of future patients while we gather data about the patients already transplanted. 

One issue that has arisen is related to our use of a reduced-intensity conditioning regimen (medicines used to prepare a patient to accept donor cells) -- a regimen with a relatively low risk of complications.  However, this type of conditioning regimen can lead to persistence of a patient's immune cells -- which in one of our patients has presented problems that are now under control.  

We are continuing to follow this patient closely, with the idea that we would re-open the CATS protocol to screening and enrollment if this patient's Crohn's Disease disappears for an extended period of time.  Please recheck this website (www.CATS-FHCRC.org) at intervals to learn about the status of the CATS protocol.

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